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mutti doctor offers a range of primary care services where trained physicians and nurses can screen, diagnose and treat customers for chronic conditions as well common illnesses, immunizations and more
in-store or virtually.

Preventive care

We promote healthy living and early detection of chronic conditions. We provide Nutritional counseling, vaccination services, general wellness check up and community health services.

Our approach to preventive care

General health

Our Mutti Doctor Locations are equipped to handle outpatient visits and allow Physicians perform simple physical examinations remotely. Each location is managed by an onsite Nurse that preps the patient for a doctor’s consultation.

Our approach to general health

Sexual and reproductive health

Family Planning, management of sexually transmitted infections and sex counselling.

Our approach to Sexual and Reproductive health

Point of care testing

Laboratory Tests are important to aid diagnosis. Our Point of Care Testing allows us to provide results in minutes to aid diagnosis. Mutti Doctor offices have Point of Care that covers infectious disease and chronic disease monitoring.

Our approach to Point of Care Testing

Medication review

Prescription review, second opinion and counseling

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mutti doctor benefits

With busy schedules, incessant traffic and endless commitments, seeing a doctor physically can be a challenge. On the other hand, mutti doctor visits are more convenient, comfortable, and accessible. Learn just some of the ways an online doctor can make your life easier, offering many benefits and providing top quality healthcare that works around you.


Located right in your community pharmacy, you don’t have to go very far to get the doctor’s consultation you need

Avoid queues

We generally have a less than 7 minutes waiting time at all our locations, which means we save time

Affordable medications

Using the mutti doctor service instantly gives you access to our discounted mutti rates. All the benefits of mutti also apply including phased payments for medications at zero interest rate.

Online doctor FAQs

With busy schedules, incessant traffic and endless commitments, seeing a doctor physically can be a challenge. On the other hand, mutti doctor visits are more convenient, comfortable, and accessible. Learn just some of the ways an online doctor can make your life easier, offering many benefits and providing top quality healthcare that works around you.

The only difference between speaking to a doctor online and speaking to one offline is
the mode of communication. Other than that, online doctors are required to have the
same credentials as any other doctor. mutti doctors are well trained and professional
with clinical experience. Our world-class doctors work with patients both online and
offline. They frequently diagnose and prescribe medications for people with everything
from headaches, to flu symptoms, to urinary tract infections, to STDs and dozens of
other conditions, from the simple to the complex.

If you’re ready to speak to an online doctor, book an appointment with a mutti doctor
now. You can talk to our doctors about getting diagnosed, prescribed, and treated, as
well as have all your questions answered. If you’ve already talked to an online doctor
and simply want to get a second opinion, we can help with that too. Remember, our
doctors can communicate with you via phone or via mobile app at designated mutti
Pharmacies and are available for appointments in less than 15 minutes.

Online doctors are no different than offline doctors. The only difference is how you
communicate with them. They are required to have the same education and credentials.
Many of them work with patients in person as well as over the internet. 95%+ of our
physicians worked in traditional medical clinics before practicing telemedicine.
mutti Doctors have plenty of experience working with patients online and offline. People
love our doctors because the consultations are private, convenient and typically less
expensive than working with an offline doctor.

This is a good question. It’s said that 70%-90% of the diagnosis is in the doctor-patient
questions and answers. mutti doctors diagnose and prescribe medications all the time
for everything from simple migraines, to flu symptoms, to the bladder and urinary tract
infections and even STDs. If you’re pregnant and just have a quick emergency question
or concern, our doctors can help with that too. If a mutti doctor needs access to your
medical history, we can have that arranged as well. Basically, anything that can be done
by an offline doctor can usually be done by an online doctor. An exception is lab work
which our doctors can order and send to a laboratory facility in your location.

Our patients call us for all kinds of reasons. We get calls from people who need
prescriptions and prescription refills. We also get calls from pregnant women who have a
quick and urgent question for a doctor, sparing them a trip to the ER.
These are some of our most common conditions handled by speaking to an online
Primary Care Conditions:
* Allergies
* Asthma
* High Blood pressure
* High cholesterol
* Diabetes (type II controlled and type II uncontrolled)
* Erectile dysfunction
* Mental Health conditions (anxiety and depression)
* Thyroid disorders (hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism)
* Birth control
* HIV (PrEP)
* Seizures
* Insomnia
* Migraines
* Hair loss
* Acne
* Back pain

Sinus infections
Pink eye
Skin Conditions
Urinary tract infections
Bacterial infections
Sore throat
Thyroid disorders
Erectile Dysfunction
Cold and flu
High blood pressure
Mental health
Ear Infections

Online doctors are not a solution for emergencies. If you are experiencing an emergency
situation, please call Nigeria Emergency Services numbers or go to the nearest hospital
This includes: severe blood loss, cuts that require stitches, broken bones or injuries that
require x-rays, allergic reaction resulting in throat tightening and difficulty breathing, and
all rapidly worsening life threatening conditions. Additionally online doctors cannot
prescribe controlled substances like Xanax, Adderall.

Mutti Doctor gives access to Free consultation, Free BP check everyday. Free glucose
testing for first time patients and any recommended RDTs by the doctor will be paid for at
a very discounted rate.

The nurse at the facility in which you had consultation and also a clinical call center
agent will follow up with you after consultation to know your status and also remind you
of your next appointment date if given by the Doctor

The consultation is always done at the pharmacy so the pharmacist will attend to you
and dispense the medications as prescribed by the doctor or you can get your
medications delivered to your doorstep

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